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Subject: Re: WINDOWS 2008 62 bit Server with Win XP Date: Thu Jan 31 2019 07:12 pm

Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2012 11:35:56 -0400
Subject: Re: WINDOWS 2008 62 bit Server with Win XP
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On 10/28/2012 3:49 AM, MICHAEL PURDY wrote to GREG YOUNGBLOOD:

Hello Mike

The system is running fine, for that matter so good I hate to say anything.

Two questions though.

I see on google their is many ways to run headless, what way would you
suggest? I'm running Win XP on top of Win2008?

Also, would you suggest running PX Express on Win 2008 or XP? I read were
Fred installed it on the 64 bit OS but used a share CD drive off of a 32
bit OS. 

What would you suggest?

Thanks for your time


-> Greg

-> I do a lot of commercial work with Virtualbox so if you have any issues
-> then yell out.

-> Some key points are:

-> 1. Run GUI Virtual Hosts as Headless to minimize memory and processor

-> 2. Use Remote Desktop to access the Headless VM's

-> 3. If you install XP or 2000 in a VM make sure its just the OS + Service
-> Packs and the required Wildcat! files don't clutter it up with other apps.

-> 4. Whilst you can use VBoxManage to expand Virtual Disks its always better
-> with Windows O/S to have a larger partition from the beginning say 60GB+
-> rather than the default 10 to 20GB

-> 5. I am running Windows XP with Wins in a VM on my Fedora Linux Box to if you
-> wanted to go the Linux route that will also work in terms of the underlying
-> comms.

-> Mike
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