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Subject: Re: WINDOWS 2008 62 bit Server with Win XP Date: Thu Jan 31 2019 07:12 pm

Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2012 13:43:46 -0400
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Subject: Re: WINDOWS 2008 62 bit Server with Win XP
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To me that would be invaluable.  Running on Windows Server 2003 and
unwilling to upgrade machine and OS unless I can run my legacy doors.  I
have a number of elderly users who come here just to play my door games,
the card versions, of all types, using JNS card games.

I am better than the average user but I am not proficient in any of
what you both have been writing (headless, what's next) about.  Though I
can follow directions/instructions.  It is how I learn much of what I
have learned.

-> Greg

-> Your definitely on the right path. 

-> I think for anyone with a requirement to run legacy Operating Systems or 8/16
-> bit application it is the best course to follow rather than looking
-> for hacks or emulation software.

-> Time permitting it would be worth you documenting your experience as it could
-> assist other legacy door users and perhaps should be a tech note in Hectors
-> knowledge base.

-> Mike

-> On 11/5/2012 3:55 AM, GREG YOUNGBLOOD wrote to MICHAEL PURDY:

-> -> Morning Mike

-> -> Right now it is on a single core xeon e server IBM but I will be moving
-> -> to a Dell Quad core poweredge server with 16 gigs of ram so I should be
-> -> good to go there.

-> -> The last thing I did last night was move the VM to another nic card so I
-> -> will be testing that today and tomorrow. 

-> -> Thanks for the tips though, I fell a little better knowing I'm going in
-> -> the right direction.

-> -> Greg

-> -> -> You can run VB on a single core with 4G Memory but put simply that 
-> -> isn't the target platform

-> -> -> The assumption is that you will be running on a server (not desktop) 
-> -> with
-> -> -> max RAM and at least a Quad Core+.  A dual core will work but you 
-> -> would be
-> -> -> limited to a very small number of Virtual Machines even in headless 
-> -> mode.

-> -> -> You also want to make sure your Host OS is using a physically separate
-> -> -> Network Interface Card to the Virtual Machines.  When you start 
-> -> sharing the
-> -> -> host NIC with the VM's it slows things down and potentially causes odd
-> -> -> Windows TCP Stack problems.

-> -> -> When you have the server hardware in place you can then fine tune the
-> -> -> Settings for each of your VM's to reduce overhead and lag.

-> -> -> I suggest you experiment as much as possible before moving everything 
-> -> to a
-> -> -> production environment.

-> -> -> Mike
-> ->  
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