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Subject: RE: Game servers Date: Thu Jan 31 2019 07:12 pm

Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 04:44:43 -0400
Subject: RE: Game servers
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The only dedicated gaming for Wildcat! is wcCasino.  

In addition to wcCasino most sysops have replaced their older ANSI Side DOS
Doors with Multi-player PHP Games.  Any PHP / Perl / Ruby based game should
run fine on Wildcat!.

For single player Games Java based games remain the most popular.

At present their is nothing native to Wins akin to the Quake/Doom master
server platform.


On 11/21/2012 12:59 AM, RIK HILDEBRANDT wrote to All:

-> Hello!

-> I have had Wildcat since the 4.0 dos days longer I have it the more I
-> wonder what to do with it, I now have a 6+ something version.

-> I see many talking about running this on 2003 and 2008 MS server.

-> I have many many multi CPU servers in storage, mostly PIII zeons 8cpu on down
-> to 4 no smaller. 32 to 64gigs on all of them just sitting in storage. 64 disk
-> raid arrays, 500 cd jukeboxes ect. Old Stuff.
-> Can we run game-servers like the old quake, doom and halo on this board ?

-> IE: they become a member they can access the server and play.

-> The board originally did very well in the tradewars days, the newer games
-> seem sorta ..well not to exciting.

-> If I could run gameservers behind this thing, I vould generate a little
-> action on the web.

-> IP board seems to be the hot choice right now. Anyway to compete with that as
-> a forum, game server site ?

-> Any future plans for this ?

-> freddy

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