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Subject: Re: its crazy Date: Sun Sep 27 2020 12:07 am
From: Matt Munson To: Aaron Thomas

RE: Re: its crazy
BY: Aaron Thomas(1:229/426)

AT> I can relate! Politics are affecting my music. I can't even listen to
AT> Ozzy 
AT> anymore. I'm suddenly a bigger Kid Rock and Ted Nugent fan than every
AT> before, 
AT> even though just a few years ago I swore I would never listen to their music
AT> because after all, it is garbage.
I could still listen to early Pink Floyd even though I think ROger Waters is a
nut job. Or Fish the singer from Marillion who is as left as Bernie Saunders or
a NDP Canadian.
Its also the quality of material when it comes to music or movies, but if they
were Americans I would not likely be as eager to buy their stuff.

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