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Subject: Re: Immigration irony Date: Tue Oct 13 2020 09:35 am
From: Ron Lauzon To: Gregory Deyss

-=> Gregory Deyss wrote to Matthew Munson <=-

 GD> The left stops short - when they can not answer who is going to pay for it.
 GD> It is obvious there is a cost with housing, health care, education. The
 GD> cost is within the Billions of dollars.

They stop short because if pushed, they will have to tell us that we, those of
us who actually work, will be paying for all of that.  That will lose many

 GD> The left will never really accomplish this as it is not fiscally smart.

But the Left never wants to actually accomplish it because:
1. Much of the money that they take will not go to the "needy".  It will go to
their cronies and, indirectly, to themselves.  Just like Communist Russia.
2. The last thing that they want is for people do **not** be dependant on the
Left for a handout.

 GD> If they really wanted to help these people, they would offer ways to become
 GD> an American citizen; as education are the keys to success and (within time)
 GD> provides bliss.

But that would turn those people into Republicans.  Can't have that.

 GD> What is more truthful; as seen with history.  The real motivation of
 GD> the Left is to exploit. They are really interested in helping
 GD> themselves and their own political ideology threw using these people as
 GD> pawns for political gain. Which boosts their liberal egos in process.

 GD> Which shows clearly that liberalism is mental disorder.

Liberalism is more naivety.  Leftism is the mental disorder.

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