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Subject: Re: Congressional Involvement? Date: Wed Dec 30 2020 10:36 pm
From: Matt Munson To: Aaron Thomas

BY: Aaron Thomas(1:229/426)

|11AT|09> |10I often read the news from my old hometown in New Mexico. Today |07
|11AT|09> |10published an article about a park ranger at Petroglyphs National|07
|11AT|09> |10Monument|07
|11AT|09> |10(it's called that but it's really just a park.)|07
|11AT|09> |07
|11AT|09> |10The ranger is being accused by a park visitor of excessive force
|11AT|09> |10the |07
|11AT|09> |10park ranger used a taser on him.|07
|11AT|09> |07
|11AT|09> |10The park visitor identifies as "indigenous."|07
You also have an opportunity to replace her if Trump likely fails in his chance
to overturn the crazy election the USA had in 2020. NM-1 will be an open seat!

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