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Subject: Re: move to Canada they s Date: Mon Feb 01 2021 08:05 am
From: Ennev To: Dr. What

On 2021-01-31 10:38 a.m., Dr. What wrote:

> Not in the U.S.  Gov't officials have legal immunity for their decisions.
> Bureaucrats in agencies
> like the EPA, for example, are unelected and unappointed.  It's near
> impossible
> to fire them.  They are more
> likely to die or retire than be fired.

Then you can really call that a democracy :-(

Make me think of EU where is more and more ruled and regulated by mostly 
non elected people that will dictate with theirs "directive" law that 
need to be adopted by respective EU countries.

How long will this last? Look that stunt this weekend with UK. OH we 
have a deal but we'll suspend it. Already sound like the big guys 
kicking the small ones.

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