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Subject: Re: move to Canada they s Date: Tue Feb 02 2021 08:47 am
From: Dr. What To: Ennev

-=> Ennev wrote to Dr. What <=-

 > One of the things I already pointed out was the price controls in other
 > countries - which will make
 > certain drugs and procedures cost less there, but will make it more
 > in countries without
 > price controls.

 En> Most of the time it's for generic medication out of patent.

But the root problem is that if a company makes a medicine, and it costs
$5/pill, if a country has a price control on that so that it can only be
sold there for $2/pill.

The company who makes the medicine has a choice:
1. Don't sell it in that country.
2. Sell it for $2/pill in that country, but sell it for $8/pill in countries
without price controls.

 En> In a way this system has been going on for years in many countries, it look
 En> sustainable.

That's short term think.

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