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Subject: what's new Date: Sat Jan 09 2021 10:30 pm
From: Stas Mishchenkov To: All

* Äα¿ú¿¡á½ ¡á»¿ßá¡ ó FUTURE4FIDO
* 欫»¿α«óá¡« ó FIDO_UTIL
* 欫»¿α«óá¡« ó FIDO_SYSOP
* 欫»¿α«óá¡« ó FIDOSOFT.HUSKY
* 欫»¿α«óá¡« ó RU.HUSKY
* 欫»¿α«óá¡« ó RU.FIDONET.TODAY
Hi, All!

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        renumbering, linking, deleting or moving old messages. Lastreads
        of all users will be preserved.

    Stas Mishchenkov 2:460/58, Michael Dukelsky 2:5020/1042

Have nice nights.
       Stas Mishchenkov.

--- ÄτÑ¡∞ »«¼«úáÑΓ »α«ß¡πΓ∞ß∩ ß πΓαá áαíπº ß óÑτÑαá.
 * Origin: Lame Users Breeding. Simferopol, Crimea. (2:460/5858)

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