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Subject: pc in the cloud? Date: Wed Jan 13 2021 11:49 am
From: Alan Ianson To: August Abolins

  Re: pc in the cloud?
  By: August Abolins to Alan Ianson on Wed Jan 13 2021 12:19 pm

 AA> It's the first time I hear of linode. Had to look it up
 AA> ( So, it's a kinda your own linux-based pc operating in
 AA> the cloud?

I don't actually have that linode anymore but it was a good experiment.

I found at times it was sluggish to repond. I think but am not certain that was
because a close by linode was using all the cpu resources doing ???, whatever it
was it was doing. Then it would clear up and I could happily continue on my way.

I may try something like that again some time.

 Ttyl :-),

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