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Subject: qwk and/or points Date: Wed Jan 13 2021 11:57 am
From: Alan Ianson To: August Abolins

  Re: qwk and/or points
  By: August Abolins to Alan Ianson on Wed Jan 13 2021 12:19 pm

 AA> I wish I could get SemPoint working again. I seem to remember having
 AA> absolutley no trouble setting it up the first time many years ago. But
 AA> now, it's complaining "unable to save message in Area" :(

I'm not sure what could be going on with Sempoint. Another option is Golded. I
have not used it a lot with QWK because I use MultiMail for QWK but Golded does
have QWK support and will save messages in your message base.

 Ttyl :-),

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