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Subject: Re: innovations back in the day Date: Wed Jan 13 2021 02:27 pm
From: Charles Pierson To: August Abolins

On 13 Jan 2021, August Abolins said the following...
 AA> AA>> Just before the internet/www browser approach took off, there was a
 AA> AA>> very interesting BBS solution by Shotgun BBS.

 AA> TL> This approach and RIP turned out to be too little too late for the BBS
 AA> TL> scene. Sad, as there was a bit of innovation at the time.  I never got
 AA> TL> try any of the graphical BBS interfaces.

 AA> The graphics were much better than the ansi offerings in standard bbses
 AA> at the time.   Mouseble too.

 AA> The concept was brilliant, IMHO.

I remember RIP, and I kind of liked it.  Shotgun I don't recall. I don't know
for sure that I would say RIP was better, anymore than I'd say ANSI was
better than C=64 graphics.

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