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Subject: Re: fido in sync with multiple devices Date: Wed Jan 13 2021 02:57 pm
From: Charles Pierson To: August Abolins

On 13 Jan 2021, August Abolins said the following...
 AA> > .. But there's already options that work well for those who used
 AA> > desktop or laptop PCs as their primary or even only messaging device
 AA> > - Can anyone say "point system? For me, that's a no brainer :) ).
 AA> > But nothing really well suited to people who have multiple devices,
 AA> > some PCs, some mobile.

 AA> The closest thing that works for me is using the nntp approach. I can
 AA> work with
 AA> messages at either my desktop or laptop. Most of the time those machines
 AA> are never in the same location.

What's the difference between nntp and a point set up or telnet/qwk?

Any one of those can be used from multiple devices in multiple locations.

So what  draws you to one over the others?
 AA> But the method lacks the ability to:

 AA> [1] save a reply-in-progress at one device, and resume with it at
 AA> another device before actually sending it off.

 AA> [2] mark/tag messages for reply at one device, and see the same mark/tag at
 AA> another device.

 AA> Is that the ability you wanted?

Other than using an OLMR with the packets on a portable storage device of
some sort, or saving a draft on a BBS whike ysing Telnet, I don't think any
option lets yoy do those.

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