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Subject: innovations back in the day Date: Thu Jan 14 2021 01:28 am
From: August Abolins To: Jay Harris

Hello Jay!

** On Wednesday 13.01.21 - 18:25, Jay Harris wrote to August Abolins:

 JH> If you want to experience it today:


 JH> Download and install RIPtel and call the BBS built into the
 JH> address book (Black Flag) - It's a full RIP BBS, it won't
 JH> even let you call it with an ANSI terminal.

VERY nice!  It's pretty much how I remembered how it worked.  It  
provided a very "fast" performance over dialup back then since a  
lot of the graphics and menus were pre-loaded client side.

No annoying scrolling of the main menus or screens except for  
some of the text info within a frame.

I'm wondering if rip could be viable on a smartphone. Seems like  
messaging and basic bbs functions would be a good fit for  
devices like that.


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