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Subject: Re: innovations back in the day Date: Thu Jan 14 2021 07:11 am
From: Charles Pierson To: August Abolins

On 14 Jan 2021, August Abolins said the following...
 AA>  JH> If you want to experience it today:

 AA>  JH>

 AA>  JH> Download and install RIPtel and call the BBS built into the
 AA>  JH> address book (Black Flag) - It's a full RIP BBS, it won't
 AA>  JH> even let you call it with an ANSI terminal.

 AA> VERY nice!  It's pretty much how I remembered how it worked.  It   provided
 AA> a very "fast" performance over dialup back then since a  
 AA> lot of the graphics and menus were pre-loaded client side.

 AA> No annoying scrolling of the main menus or screens except for  
 AA> some of the text info within a frame.

 AA> I'm wondering if rip could be viable on a smartphone. Seems like
 AA> messaging and basic bbs functions would be a good fit for  
 AA> devices like that.

I'm pretty sure that it would be possible. The question is are there enough
BBSes around the utilize RIP to make it worth the time and effort?

Theoretically, anything that can be done on a desktop or laptop could be  be
done on a smartphone or Tablet.  You just have to account for the difference
in hardware.

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