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Subject: innovations back in the day Date: Thu Jan 14 2021 09:37 am
From: August Abolins To: Charles Pierson

Hello Charles!

** On Thursday 14.01.21 - 07:11, Charles Pierson wrote to August Abolins:

 AA>> I'm wondering if rip could be viable on a smartphone.
 AA>> Seems like messaging and basic bbs functions would be a
 AA>> good fit for devices like that.

 CP> I'm pretty sure that it would be possible. The question is
 CP> are there enough BBSes around the utilize RIP to make it
 CP> worth the time and effort?

The number of bbses does not matter at this time. What matters  
is if the concept can even be implemented.  Maybe some existing  
concepts of Rip technology can be utilized and make the  
necessary adjustments for smartphone/tablet detection.

Building a traditional app from scratch for smartphone/tablet  
devices that serves bbs functions sounds like too much work.   
Utilizing existing open-source such as what Telegram provides  
(where people are encouraged to provide customized clients) is  
the closest one can get to "get something done".

But maybe Rip can provide the direct connections to specific  
bbses that this hobby seems to be grounded on.

 CP> Theoretically, anything that can be done on a desktop or
 CP> laptop could be be done on a smartphone or Tablet.  You
 CP> just have to account for the difference in hardware.

When I first experienced Rip sessions, it seemed unlike anything  
else out there at the time. The typical scrolling screens of  
most computer interfaces were tedious.

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