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Subject: ssh client for browser Date: Sun Feb 28 2021 01:35 pm
From: August Abolins To: Tommi Koivula

Hello Tommi Koivula!

** On Sunday 28.02.21 - 20:17, Tommi Koivula wrote to August Abolins:

 >> It failed the first time I tried SSH with TRMB BBS, but it
 >> worked the 2nd time after using a regular telnet session.

 TK> And now that website knows your userid and password to TRMB :(

I had a funny feeling that might be the case.   Aferall, it acts  
as a sort of proxy or MIT with the site that I want to connect  
to.   Or.. it's just benign and treats user input as ephemeral?

But if not, then my face is :( indeed.

I tried to dig up a bit more info about it but my attempts to  
get more info about its IP failed.

Does anyone know if there is a nodelisted sysop behind that  


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