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Subject: Re: Changes in the work of tg_BBS: Date: Wed Apr 14 2021 10:15 pm
From: Brother Rabbit To: Jay Harris

Hi, Jay!

 JH> *** Quoting Brother Rabbit from a message to August Abolins ***

 BR>> Do you think that the current warning when connecting a user and a
 BR>> %HELP is not enough?

 JH> For me anyway, the phrasing of "register with the BBS" was kind of
 JH> confusing.

 JH> I wasn't sure if I had to telnet in somewhere and make an account on a BBS,
 JH> maybe making that "register with the bot" may be more suitable?

 JH> Could just be me though...

 JH> Jay

 JH> ... Ambition is the last refuge of the failure.

A very sensible remark. I have corrected the tip (warning) based on your advice.

Have a nice carrot!
         Brother Rabbit.

... Wisdom is when you understand everything, but you are no longer upset.
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