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Subject: qwk and/or points Date: Fri Apr 05 2019 07:59 pm
From: August Abolins To: Alan Ianson

Hello Alan!

** 05.04.19 - 00:52, Alan Ianson wrote to August Abolins:

>> I lost favour in QWK for a variety of reasons.

AI> I am favourable to offline mail. The difference between a point and
AI> offline is that the point has the whole history where with offline you
AI> are limited to what is in your packet. I guess that works for some.

The traditional QWK/REP method started to become laborious and pressure
mounted when I was anxious to get the next packet *before* I was finished
reading and replying in the previous one.

But then...  I discovered SemPoint (Windows).  It could consolidate all  
the QWK packet messages into an accumulating database.

And.. it supported Jam, Squish, PKT, and a few other formats,  
concurrently.  It needed an external tosser/scanner though.

And now, all-inclusive point software such OpenXP are quite fine   alternatives.

I wish I could get SemPoint working again.  I seem to remember having
absolutley no trouble setting it up the first time many years ago. But  
now, it's complaining "unable to save message in Area"  :(


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