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Subject: Re: Current Files.BBS importer Date: Wed Mar 10 2021 07:06 am
From: Nick Andre To: T.J. Mcmillen

On 09 Mar 21  17:10:37, T.J. Mcmillen said the following to Nick Andre:

TM> I know ... I know .... Lee went nuts when I brought him on board.  But to b
TM> honest, I think he's not alive anymore.

Really? Wow...

TM> The email system is now a message base.   I like Lee's light bars for the a
TM> and file areas, but I think he screwed up dupe checking and it's a pain in
TM> ass to track down for file moves.   Also I have to fix is I used to be able
TM> upload *.* and it would scan all files in the directory, but with his setup
TM> converted over into RG It stops after 1 file upload and I have to do it aga
TM> and again for each file.

I don't see any reason to have the Email as a message base, because its not a
message base in the normal sense. Its private email. Its worked perfectly fine
since inception. Internally the code for email is a bit more elaborate in how
it handles flags and attributes. Hopefully Nuclear left all of that alone.

The one thing I'd like to get around to fixing is AKA matching when replying  to
Netmail's. I don't like choosing from a "list" of addresses. It looks
a bit hokey and has been a long-time problem.

Lightbars... meh... thats a matter of taste I guess. But nothing does  lightbars
as good as Searchlight.

Why was the file upload code even touched? It was working perfectly fine?

TM> Anyways .... yeah I think we're stuck on mine and yours setup.   So from my
TM> end, you should already have what you need and there won't be crazy changes
TM> coming from here.  So click away on 2 versions ... ;)

LOL click away. We need mouse support in RG now? :)


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