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Subject: Re: Current Files.BBS importer Date: Wed Mar 10 2021 04:56 pm
From: T.J. Mcmillen To: Nick Andre

NA> The one thing I'd like to get around to fixing is AKA matching when replyi
NA> to Netmail's. I don't like choosing from a "list" of addresses. It looks
NA> a bit hokey and has been a long-time problem.

NA> Lightbars... meh... thats a matter of taste I guess. But nothing does
NA> lightbars as good as Searchlight.

NA> Why was the file upload code even touched? It was working perfectly fine?

I don't know ... and to be honest ... I just recently noticed as I really
didn't have any new files years back when we were updating all the time.  Lee
had his own TAG source and BBS already made, and he just sorta patched some of
the things into RG and I THINK he patched the whole file system with his code
from that dragon bbs software he made.   

I'm gonna have to sit down one day when I get time (yeah right), and look at
the y2k code and my 1.22 code and see where the error is.   It bugs me, but no
one said anything in upteen years so, I guess either they are living with it  or
have no idea. ;)

NA> LOL click away. We need mouse support in RG now? :)


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