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Subject: Re: Current Files.BBS importer Date: Wed Mar 10 2021 06:01 pm
From: Nick Andre To: T.J. Mcmillen

On 10 Mar 21  16:56:23, T.J. Mcmillen said the following to Nick Andre:

NA> Why was the file upload code even touched? It was working perfectly fine?

TM> I don't know ... and to be honest ... I just recently noticed as I really
TM> didn't have any new files years back when we were updating all the time.  L

I'm surprised nobody else complained, its THE easiest way to mass-upload.

TM> I'm gonna have to sit down one day when I get time (yeah right), and look a
TM> the y2k code and my 1.22 code and see where the error is.   It bugs me, but
TM> one said anything in upteen years so, I guess either they are living with i
TM> or have no idea. ;)

Found it, its the "uploadall" procedure in FILE5.PAS.


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