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Subject: Re: Current Files.BBS importer Date: Wed Mar 10 2021 09:54 pm
From: T.J. Mcmillen To: Nick Andre

TM> Cool ... if you have an easy fix send the file over.  If not, I'll play aro
TM> with it this weekend when I get some time.

NA> I had planned to play with myself this weekend. Gotta have priorities.

I thought *I* was 1st on the list!?  hahahaha

I have a whatdone of what I changed (nothig big ... updated internal screens,
new mci codes, etc.) .... I'm been SLOWLY plugging away at something ...
usually only when something bothers me .... notice we are now on the upload
thing bothering me ...... <G>

Teleconference is next .... I wanna change the format to an IRC type look when
you chat on the bottom and it posts on the top ..... the old OBV/2 code had a
neat one might see what I can come up with sooner or later.   But then again,
NO ONE uses it ... so, does it matter enough to change it?!


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