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Subject: Re: Renegade Date: Mon Apr 05 2021 05:20 pm
From: paul lee To: T.J. Mcmillen

 TM>     Okay, I'm about 1/3 of the way thru updating the v98-101 docs to
 TM> current. I have also installed v1.25/DOS here and am testing it for
 TM> release.  It will not release until I get the docs updated, so don't
 TM> look for it anytime soon ...  unless I get a ton of free time.

Right on, TJ! I *love* that you're still working on Renegade. You know, I run a
TALISMAN BBS because I like what apam does for the BBS community... I run a bone
stock ENiGMA.5 install, because I love how different ENiGMA is.. and I think
it's powerful, if you code in node.js... (I don't. Lol.)

But Renegade.. man. RG! I started on Telegard and went with everyone else right
to Renegade and ran it for years. I *really* think I wanna drop ENiGMA, as it
isn't my gig... keep TALISMAN, but its more just an ode to apam... and his door

But Renegade. :P My Mystic 2o fOr beeRS can be my main girl... but wouldn't it
be sick to have a Renegade sister-BBS that I dial-in really well? Maybe I could
make a complete how-to of getting Renegade running in 2021 with FTNs and door

I do NOT know the few different handler apps and mail apps that are needed for
telnet and Renegade.. nor do I know what type of environment [OS] is needed.
Would you be willing to help, if I were to document everything for other sysops
wanting to run Renegade in 2021? I think more people would make that choice if
the information was readily available. 

Renegade is REALLY my historical BBS 'home'.

God on you dor developing it!


--- Mystic BBS v1.12 A47 2021/02/12 (Raspberry Pi/32)
 * Origin: 2o fOr beeRS bbS>> (1:105/420)

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