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Subject: Re: Renegade Date: Sat May 01 2021 05:07 pm
From: Jim Haight To: paul lee

 > I do NOT know the few different handler apps and mail apps that are needed
 > for telnet and Renegade.. nor do I know what type of environment [OS] is
 > needed. Would you be willing to help, if I were to document everything for
 > other sysops wanting to run Renegade in 2021? I think more people would make
 > that choice if the information was readily available. 

 > Renegade is REALLY my historical BBS 'home'.

I for one would be very interested in a "how to" for networking. I also think
D'Bridge how-to with Renegade is quite fitting IMHO but I know people have their
favorite mailers.
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