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Subject: Re: Fido Date: Mon Apr 06 2020 08:38 pm
From: Phoobar To: Alpha

 Al> Another (not-free, however) option is through Google Domains, which
 Al> offers dynamic DNS right through their DNS config -- you'd need to buy a $9
 Al> USD/year domain but you could then map an alternate TLD (e.g.
 Al> It uses the same dyndns2 protocol as dynDNS, so you can

Did not know about this...but at $9.00 per year per domain...that's not bad
at all. Just bought Warcraft I/II from GOG for $ the price would be
perfect for over here.

Just gotta see if I can find an OS/2 dyndns2 client to run it with the BBS on
the Lenovo. If I can...will be doing this route.

Thank you for giving me options I didn't know about.

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