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Subject: Re: Fido Date: Mon Apr 06 2020 04:45 pm
From: Shitty To: HusTler

 Hu>  I know the SysOp you are referring to. He DOES NOT "know his shit".
 Hu> He's just a FIDO coordinator with a Big Head. Stay away from him. Better
 Hu> yet stay away from FIDONET period!

Getting my BBS on Fidonet is like a rite of passage for me. I'm proud to
be on Scinet, but now I'm addicted and want more! I never could get this stuff
to work when I was a kid but now Mystic makes it easier than ever.

I get what you're saying too. The dude just needed to redirect whatever domain
to my domain, but as a beggar I can't be a chooser.

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