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Subject: Re: AMiGA Codes & mOsOul... Date: Fri Dec 04 2020 08:32 pm
From: paulie420 To: Netsurge

 Ne>  g0> I think the issue will be how long does it take before Free Pascal is
 Ne>  g0> updatedto support it, and then how long will it take me to buy a Mac.
 Ne>  g0> was able toget a Hackintosh in VMware going well enough for me to
 Ne>  g0> compile Mystic for MacOSbut I am going to need real ARM-based Mac
 Ne>  g0> hardware now I think.

 Ne> If it's anything like the last time they switched architecture, you
 Ne> won't beable to. The Dev community was up in arms that the PPC version
 Ne> of X-Toolswouldn't cross compile for the Intels. Steve Job's way of forcing
 Ne> people to buynew hardware.

 Ne> Saying that, Jobs isn't around any more and maybe Cook will be more
 Ne> flexible tothe idea.
 Ne> frank // netsurge

They STATE that they'd support old architectures... but Apple is still Apple,
and certainly wants you to buy that shiny new MBP.


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